Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

My desire to teach started at such a young age.  It's all I can remember wanting to do.  The bond with children that I form each year is so special.  Teachers spend more time with other people's kids than their own in a day, so it's natural that we get close to them.  Loving the kids isn't that surprising.  It's the bond with my coworkers that surprised me more.

The Christmas season reminds me of the seven years I spent teaching sixth grade with "The Dream Team."  I'm pretty sure we named ourselves that.  Our first year together as a team was met with some mighty challenges.  It was the year of 9/11 so we were trying to make sense of that.  Then we lost a student to a car accident.  That year was the hardest, saddest year, yet we still had so many great times.  We learned we can handle just about anything life throws at us, and we had a great group of kids that helped us on our journey.  My son was in sixth grade that year, so that year stands out even more.  I was trying to help the students get through tragedy as their teacher, but also I was a mom in all that, too.  My motherly instincts come out anyway, I'm sure, but they really did that year!

Christmas with "The Dream Team" was the most incredible time of the year.  Santa Claus asked us to help out some kids in need.  We got donations together and went shopping.  We took the presents back to the school and got an assembly line together and wrapped presents for needy children.  We then secretly delivered for Santa.  It was the most incredible feeling I can describe.  It was so fun, too.  We did that for all the years we worked together.  

Every Christmas I'm reminded of the times we got to be Santa's helpers.  I like to think that I'm continuing our tradition by helping students in need where I can. There are so many organizations and opportunities to help now.  There shouldn't be a single child in our community in need at Christmas time with all of the organizations we have.  We live in a fantastic community that pulls together in times of need.  

I'll never forget my years with "The Dream Team" or the times we had celebrating the holidays together.  From motivational quotes to songs at the top of the stairs every morning, I truly learned as much as I taught those years.  Thank you Steve, Jeremy, and Lori.  

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