Sunday, January 15, 2017

Snow Days

"When I was your age, kids, we didn't have that!"  

I find myself saying that more often than I care to mention the more time passes.  The kids already think it's crazy that I used to actually have to wait for letters from my cousin Stephanie for weeks!  They can't believe that my mom and dad wouldn't just let me call her because it cost too much for us to talk.  It's hard to comprehend life without cellphones and the internet when you're nine years old.  

I also remember how awesome snow days used to be.  Kids today just have to wait for a text or check a website to see if there's school or not.  Back in the day, the OLD days, we had to listen to the radio to see if school was cancelled or not.  I can still remember waiting for the dj to announce the list of school closings.  When he or she would say, "No school for Fairfield Schools," it was the greatest sound.  I know I've mentioned my love for school many times, but seriously?  A snow day!! Who didn't want to stay home snuggled in jammies and drink hot chocolate and read all day? Well that's what I did most of the time on snow days.  

I'm sure some of the other kids played Atari or watched television.  There wasn't that much on tv then, though,  so we did have to entertain ourselves with other activities.  My brother and I would bundle up in our snowsuits and play outside until we almost froze to death.  Ahhhh, memories!!!!

I also remember being able to go ice skating at our grandparents' lake.  My family owned Hill's Sporting Goods in Fairfield so we all had our own ice skates.  Snow days were perfect for ice skating. 

Snow days are still pretty awesome as a teacher.  When the text comes that there's no school, I get that same feeling I did as a child.  I can spend the day in my jammies, read books, but now I'm drinking coffee.  

I still turn on the radio and wait for Len Wells to say, "No school for Fairfield Schools," though.  It makes me think of my childhood and how fun snow days used to be.    

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