Sunday, October 29, 2017

I'll Be There For You

Jon Bon Jovi and I aren't that different.  He's seen a million faces and he's rocked them all.  I've seen hundreds of faces and I've taught them all!  Jon feeds the people that are hungry.  I feed the kids that are hungry...for knowledge!  See?  Not that different!

One of the busiest weeks in a teacher's life is parent/teacher conference week.  We have to make sure we are prepared to give parents all the news, good and bad.  It's definitely a week of exhaustion.  During this crazy week I realized that for every moment this week, there is a Bon Jovi song.  Actually there is a Bon Jovi song for all moments in life but for this blog we will stick to the topic!

1.  "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

Parent/teacher conference week brings very little sleep.  It's a week of working late and not much rest.  I still get nervous to talk to parents about their kids because I'm not sure how they are feeling.  I can go into a conference feeling like everything is going great and they might have a totally different view.

2.  "Keep the Faith"

This goes out to all the parents who think they have the genius of the group.  Also it could go out to the ones that are just "Living on a Prayer."  Sorry about that one.

3.  "Wanted Dead or Alive"

This song goes out to all the parents that we are still waiting on to make it to the conference.

4.  "Never Say Goodbye"

This one is for the ones that don't want to leave.  Sometimes we get to talking and forget what time it is.....

5.  "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night"

I'm feeling like a Monday but someday I'll be Saturday night.  That's just how we feel all week.  It's a crazy busy week.  Saturday seems far away.  When it gets here we feel like we deserve it!

6.  "Hallelujah"

Technically a Leonard Cohen song but no one sings it like Jon Bon Jovi.  I don't think I need to explain why "Hallelujah" is the final song.

Seriously, parent/teacher conference week is stressful but productive.  This year I had one of the best conference sessions I've ever had.  Teaching first grade is exactly where I'm supposed to be!  I'm definitely not going to "Runaway."

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