Sunday, November 12, 2017

Drop Everything And Read

I was watching my students last week and I noticed one of my kids was looking tired.  He's usually awake.  Wide awake, if you know what I mean!  I went to him and asked him what was going on.  After he told me, I realized that sometimes I forget that I have no clue what goes on after they leave me.  

This young boy told me that he was not sleeping very well because he watched a scary movie.  I asked him why he watched it.  He said the adults that were watching him just put it in and the kids were supposed to watch it before bed.  I asked him if he could do something else and he said there's nothing else to do.  So I said, "How about read some books?"  They don't have any.  It breaks my heart to think of houses with no books!  

I grew up in a house that supported school and learning.  My home life was all about reading and writing.  I lived a block away from the public library so I spent a huge part of my childhood there.  I didn't understand why all the other kids didn't go there all the time.  So when I hear that kids don't even know we have a library in town, I go back to my days of childhood and think, "What do you do with your free time?"  

So I took this boy into my classroom library.  I have my own library that I've made over the years! One might say I've hoarded a few books. I told him to choose a couple of books and he could "check them out" and read instead of watch scary movies.  He was so excited.  So was I!  Now we have a little library system that he checks in and out so he can read at home.  

I never know how I'm going to get kids to love to read.  This might be the way to get him to love to read.  Reading is an escape for people and maybe he can learn to use books to help him escape reality sometimes.   Maybe he will just learn to love to read because it's so awesome.  One can hope!  

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