Saturday, December 30, 2017

Reflections and Resolutions: 2018 Here We Come!

2017 is officially classified as one of the best years of my life.  I married the most wonderful man, my grand baby, Lyla Grace was born, and I found where I truly belong in my teaching world.  Life is great!  The only downfall to my incredible happiness is my writing has suffered.  A ton.  I find myself not wanting to sit down and write as often because I'm working on new ideas for my classroom.  Or snuggling a baby.  Or spending time with my new husband.  But it's Christmas break and I'm inspired once again.  This time of year I like to reflect upon the school year so far and make some resolutions for the rest of the school year.  Here we go!

First, I shall reflect on the first half of my school year.  It's been amazing!  I have never been so excited to go to work in my entire career.  These kids love to learn and I share their excitement daily.  I've learned so much from my team teachers and they've supported me and all my ideas.  I never thought of myself as creative or innovative but this year has brought out some ideas in me that I never knew existed.  I've pushed so many ideas aside for so long that I almost forgot I still have them.  It's exciting to share my thoughts with my team and to see them respond with such enthusiasm.  My confidence and self-esteem have both been boosted so high this year.  Thank you to my coworkers for all of their encouragement.  

Every day, as exhausted as I am, I can't wait for the next day to try the next thing I have on my list or finish something we started.  I don't look at the clock for time to pass.  I look at the clock to see how fast time has passed and how I wish we had more time!  I know I can actually make a difference in these brains that I'm molding this year and it feels amazing.  The only thing that I see happening in the future is my addiction to coffee getting stronger so I can keep up with the pace of this grade.  I'm getting older and they are not.  I truly believe first grade is where I belong and I thank my administration for giving me this opportunity.  

Now it's time for resolutions!  I always have the same ones every year.  
1.  Eat healthier.
2.  Exercise more.
3.  Be positive.
4.  Write more.

These are my resolutions for every year.  I think about them all year long.  Some resolutions are easier than others.  I can eat healthier until there's a carry in at school.  I walk on the treadmill every weekday morning except on Christmas break.  I'm always trying to be positive.  ALWAYS TRYING.  Number 4 is the tricky one.  I say every year I'm going to write a little every day.  Then I slack off and write less and less.  I'm going to at least try to get back on my blog writing schedule.  Just know that when Lyla Grace calls me to come get her, all bets are off.  

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