Sunday, March 25, 2018

Children Should Be Seen and Heard

What is the age that a person has a voice?  From what I've read on my Facebook feed, it's clear that many people believe that children should not speak up when they feel like they need to.  "I'm not taking advice from anyone that eats Tide pods."  Well I'm not taking advice from anyone that eats Tide pods, either.  Why is it that the stupid things that some kids do are automatically representing all kids?  Do we think that all adults don't deserve to talk because some do meth?

Yesterday was the March for Our Lives and there were thousands of marches all over the country with kids marching for stricter gun laws.  Yet there are still adults saying they need to be quiet.  They need to be respectful and listen to the adults.  Seriously?  What a confusing message to these kids who have also been told they are lazy and don't ever look up from their phones.  They are actually doing something they believe in.  Before you say they don't actually know what they are marching for, why don't you try going to school today with the fear of being shot on a daily basis.  Or try living with the fact that your friends HAVE been shot.

One of the worst things that I've seen is the constant put down of the core group of kids that started this movement.  The horrible things people have said about how they look has made me sick.  Why do people get on social media and comment about how people look?  It's bullying at its worst.  I also saw a post about how "someone needs to punch them".  I saw a comment from someone I know that said, "Gladly."  Why is this acceptable behavior?  These kids were involved in a mass shooting and lost their friends!

Let me just say that the greatest changes in this country have been made by big groups coming together to speak out for human rights.  It's America and EVERYONE has a voice.  There isn't a magic age where you get to have an opinion.  Everyone gets to say how he or she feels.  You don't have to agree with it but common decency and civil debates are the way to solve the issues.   

I realize that the heart of the issue is people don't want to lose their guns.  These kids aren't wanting your guns.  They want stricter gun laws and they would love to see that people care more about other people than guns.  

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