Tuesday, August 14, 2018

'Twas the Night Before School

I'm BACK!!! After an amazing summer of relaxation, fun, and spending time with Lyla Grace, it's time to get back into my school year routines. That means I will be back on my regular blog schedule. I hope this year brings lots of fun and interesting topics for me to cover. I'm READY!

You might notice that I spent some time revamping my pages. I spruced it up a bit and added some buttons, so if you don't follow me on social media, click the buttons on the side of the page and follow me. I'm still working on making my blog better, but I like how it's turning out so far.

My first blog of the school year is to catch you up from my last blog. If you're curious about what teachers do over the summer, here's a look into mine!

At the beginning of the summer, I went to a week of workshops. I spent hours preparing for the first week of school and getting math ideas for this upcoming year. You might think we are just sleeping in and being lazy, but we actually never quit being teachers. We are always preparing SOMETHING.

I might have stretched the truth a tiny bit. We do get to spend a little time being lazy. My second week of summer was actually spent on vacation. My husband, Mr. Musgrave and I went to Florida for a week and it was amazing. He's working on his master's degree, so he actually had homework. I, however, worked on getting Netflix caught up, reading my books, and getting a tan. If you saw me over the summer at all, you would know that the last part also is stretching the truth. I'm not sure why, but I don't tan. Something about staying outside for long periods of time might have something to do with it. I tend to be more of an indoor gal. I stay in my nest.

The rest of the summer has been spent doing some pretty crazy things. I took Dr. England's advice and did something different. I started yoga. I also took aquatic Zumba. I quit eating sugar and carbs. (Mostly! You can't completely quit that!) I set a schedule and wrote every day. I got up every day and walked on my treadmill, and then I wrote for an hour. I tried to write my book, but it ended up being more of a rough draft of garbage. But I wrote. I also learned to only put one space after a period when I type. Did you guys all know that's a thing? Apparently, it's a huge deal for people, and I just learned it recently. People my age surely didn't know this. As a writer, I felt a bit silly. It turns out it's also a pretty easy habit to break.

The last couple of weeks have been spent getting my classroom ready for my new crew. I always say this time of year is like Christmas for me. It's hard to sleep. I'm so excited, and it's the most wonderful time of the year! I'm ready to meet my new babies and hit the ground running. You can keep up with my adventures here. I'm sure I'll have plenty to share! HERE WE GO!

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