Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sounds of Silence

I took a short break from blogging because I didn't feel like I could say what I was feeling. I have lots of feelings about things going on in our world, our country, and even in our community. But commenting was not something I could do without consequence. So I've been silent.

Much like any other human being, I have opinions. As a teacher and representative of my school district, I keep them to myself for the most part. Why? Because getting into drama in public or on social media is not professional. So is it easy when someone says teachers are on drugs these days and not the good ones? (I actually read this comment on a friend's Facebook post!) No, it's not easy for me to stay lurking in the shadows. I just sit back and take it. Is it easy to read that parents are just sharing answers to our "homework" pages? ("Homework" is in quotation marks because we don't give official homework. It's just extra practice.) I'll help you with that one. No! It's not easy to just watch. But we can see it all. 

We are in different times right now. Politics are in a strange place. Everyone has something to say. As a teacher, I find myself in a really awkward position. If I speak my mind, it could be unprofessional. If I don't speak my mind, what kind of role model am I for my own children and granddaughter? Is there a place for both in this world today? 

I have been struggling with the answer. That's why I skipped posting last week. I have so much to say but my head tells me not to say it. My heart tells me to say everything because this world needs my voice. It's a fine line and I'm not sure how to cross it.

I will show respect for my school district and remain professional. I don't need anyone to tell me to do that. I just know that it's the right thing to do. So I won't say all the things that are in my heart today. I take comfort knowing that most people that know me, especially my kids, know what's there. But just know that my silence doesn't mean I'm weak. I'm only getting stronger. 

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