Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019: The Best Year Ever!

Happy 2019 to everyone! I just read my blog from last year at this time and I was trying to imagine a year that could be better than 2017. I'm happy to report that 2018 was amazing and I'm excited to see what 2019 will bring. My family is happy and healthy. My kids are doing great. Lyla Grace gets cuter and smarter, so that kid can only make life better!

The new year is a time to reflect and set goals. I read my goals from last year and they were to eat healthier, stay positive, exercise more, and write more. I really feel like I did all of those things very well! I cut sugar and carbs drastically. I started yoga and Zumba along with my daily treadmill walks. I tried really hard to see the positive in things when things were not going so great. (I had a lot of help with that one.) Last but not least, I wrote more. I kept a pretty steady blog posting schedule and wrote all summer.

My goals for this year are basically the same but I'm adding a little to them.

1. Eat healthier. I'm going to continue my plan for eating healthier (cutting sugar and carbs) but also not feeling guilty if I want some ice cream every now and then. Life is short. We deserve a treat.

2. Exercise more. I started to really get tired and just wanted to go home from school to the couch for a while. I was really in an exercise rut. I'm going back to yoga and I've already gone back to Zumba.

3. Be positive. I just read an article about how to talk to your students in a positive way. I was very sure that I didn't need to read that article because I'm usually pretty positive. I couldn't believe some of the ways that I approach things negatively instead of positively. It was eye-opening because I never thought that I was like that at all, but I sure can be. I'm definitely going to be working on the ways that I talk to my students.

4. Write more. Of course, I always want to write more. I have a planner that I carry with me to write in when something strikes me. I'm going to try to do smaller writing goals throughout the year as well. I'll keep you posted.

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