Sunday, March 31, 2019

It Takes A Village

Growing up in a small town has advantages and disadvantages. Advantage: Everyone knows everyone. Disadvantage:  Everyone knows everyone. I have always loved the camaraderie that our little town has. We pick each other up when we are in trouble. We pull together in times of need. We celebrate together. We mourn together. On the flipside, we all know each other's business and we run into each other everywhere. No one can get away with a quick trip to the local Dairy Queen without someone seeing you drowning your sorrows in a large blizzard topped with French fries. "Hey, Julie! I saw you last night eating that huge ice cream cone dipped in that bowl of hot fudge with a side of fries and a bag of Dilly Bars. Good to see you!" So there are pros and cons.

Today I'm sticking with the pros. I was fortunate to grow up with a group of people that have remained close to this day. We may not talk every day but we know that we could if we wanted. All of our parents became close, too. I grew up in the latch key era when we all walked home from school together or hung out somewhere while our parents still worked. The parents all knew (basically) where we were without cell phones. If we were up to something our parents knew about it before they got home. Our network didn't need cell phones. 

One of my goals as a teacher in the Fairfield school system is to give students memories like I have. I want them to look back on their time at school with fondness. Hopefully, they can build the friendships and support systems that I have. I am fortunate enough to work in the same school district that I attended so I get a bit of nostalgia every day. When I go into Center Street, I can even see a picture of me brightening everyone's day. (It's a scavenger hunt for you if you don't know where or what it is.) 

I'm writing this particular blog today because this past week one of the parents from our childhood network passed away. He isn't the first one we've lost, but he's the one that has caused me to really think about how short our lives are, and we can be gone in an instant. I'm thankful for that wonderful group of people that raised us all. I think we turned out pretty great. 

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