Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Greatest Love of All

Disclaimer: This blog is basically me bragging about my kids and grandkid so read at your own risk.

I feel like I've always been a teacher in some way. I was always playing school as a child. When my kids were born, I started teaching them. Then I was in the classroom teaching the hundreds of kids I've taught so far.

If someone asked me what my favorite part of teaching has been, I would have to say teaching my own kids. I know that's not truly part of the teaching profession because everyone with children does that. But being a teacher has made me be able to teach my own kids things that I otherwise might not have thought to do. I've learned many things as a teacher that I passed along to my kids. I've also taken a great deal of my parenting to my classroom. Watching my own kids learn through the years has been the most rewarding and inspiring experience.

I've always said I couldn't have homeschooled my kids because they became smarter than me. They both learned to read before they were in school and they both could do things that were way above grade levels. Am I bragging? YES! I'm not taking all the credit for this. They were easy to teach. They both had the desire to learn and the skills. Not all kids are like this. I'm still bragging.

Enter Lyla Grace. I now get to watch my son teach his daughter. My mind is blown. This child can recognize all of the letters in the alphabet, count higher than many of my first graders, name all of the planets, spell her name, and recognize and sing everything from Beethoven to The Knack. (Yes, she sings My Sharona.) It's such an incredible feeling to watch my son teach his daughter.

Tomorrow Lyla turns two. I can't wait to see what great things she will do as she gets older and her daddy and mommy keep teaching her new things every single day. She's always got a book in her hand and she loves her Mammy so let's see what she learns or teaches us in the upcoming years!

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