Sunday, January 12, 2020

A Change Will Do You Good

A picture was posted of me with my first class on the historical society's Facebook page yesterday. After I let it sink in that I'm on the historical society page and it was from 25 years ago, I couldn't help but think of how much I've changed since that picture had been taken. I am a totally different teacher than I was then. Teachers always say how kids are so different these days but hopefully, so are we.

I have been running through my head an "Evolution of Julie's Teaching Career," like Jimmy Fallon does the evolution of dancing and music. It's really crazy to think of all the things that I believed would last my entire career and they were gone quickly. I've been through multiple grading systems and standardized tests. I've watched behavior programs come and go. I've learned so many ways to teach to the top and leave no child behind.

The changes that have come over the years have caused me to stop and completely revamp everything that I had planned. Sometimes I have had to regroup in the middle of a year. Sometimes the middle of a week. Sometimes the middle of a day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I might have to shift my entire schedule. The older I get, the more flexible I get and I can tell you that was not how I started my career. I used to get so upset when things didn't go the way I had planned. I'm so much happier teaching now that I know that every day is a new adventure.

I have been given the gift of a fantastic student teacher this last semester. She has kept me on my toes and really caused me to reflect and explain why I do the things that I do. I have been going through every moment of every day and giving her the reasons we do what we do. It's been so invigorating for me to share with her how I've grown as a teacher. 

Here's to 2020 and continuing to be a better teacher and mentor! 

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