Sunday, June 28, 2020

Roll With the Changes

The big topic on everyone's mind right now: What will schools do in the fall? I have an answer to your question! We will do what we always do. But Mrs. Musgrave! You can't do what you always do!

Over the past few days, new guidelines have come out for us. The instant they came out everyone decided it was time to panic. I've been in a school for my entire life and never once has the person in charge told me I was on my own. As a matter of fact, my school administrators have been in constant contact with us since the pandemic began. They have been updating us on solutions and asking for feedback so we can move forward. Were we nervous? YES! Were we worried? OF COURSE! But my administration has always made sure that we know we are in this together, and we will take care of the kids. I hope that everyone that thinks homeschooling is the solution would take a step back and wait for our official guidelines. The teachers aren't even sure what our school days will look like, so be patient and don't make any major decisions yet. Homeschooling is a huge decision. I've read many Facebook posts about people who think they can buy a program and teach their kids. Please let me remind you that it's not that simple. There is a whole lot more to teaching your children than buying an online curriculum. If you do decide to homeschool because that is best for your child, then by all means do it. But keep in mind schools will be hitting the ground running in the fall. Those first few weeks of school are going to be extremely important. If you decide homeschooling isn't for you in a few weeks, your child will have missed the very important first few weeks of school with us. No matter what you decide, please try not to make school talk a negative discussion with kids around. Discussing school with children is important. But telling kids that they don't have to follow rules is very stressful, and it's hard for us at school to gain respect. We will still teach the kids with every possible tool we have. Like always. We will still watch over the kids and make sure they are safe. Like we always do. We will still love them with all our hearts. Like we always have and always will.

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