Kid Quotes

Kids say exactly what they are thinking.  All the time.  I want to share some of my favorite quotes from my students.  Enjoy!

My comments are blue.  The student comments are pink.

"You need to know your address, kids."
"I can't learn my address because I have a complicated life.  My mom won't let me go outside."

I gave a ten minute speech about keeping pencils sharpened.  "I need to sharpen my pencil."

"We are writing what we are afraid of today."
"I'm afraid of spiders and pants."
"I had a bad dream about my pants."

"I drink a special kind of coffee."
"What kind is that?"
"I put lots of sugar in it."

"Class, be quiet!"
"Did you hear Ms. C?"
"Well, I accidentally heard her."

"You never pay attention."
"Yes I do! I just don't listen!"

"You need to listen."
"Well I heard you say words!"

Making cards….
"Who are Stan and Kathy?"
"My grandparents."
"Do you not call them Grandma and Grandpa?"
"Yes but I can't spell that."

"What is it that ties everything together?" 
Answer I'm looking for is theme…

"Why are you in trouble in the hall?"
"I didn't see the teacher standing in the door!"

"I'm not going to help you on this worksheet because you chose to talk instead of listen."
"I couldn't hear you, Ms. C."
"You were talking so I stopped talking."
"Maybe that's why I couldn't hear you!  You weren't talking!" 

"That's too hard for a little kid like me to understand. You know that!"

"Do you need to talk and ask questions throughout the entire movie?  Do you do this at home?"
"Not if no one is around."

"I may be going to a funeral today.  My grandpa is having surgery today."

"Ms. C?  What's a silent slash?"
"That's the letter l! Have you ever said the alphabet and said 'slash' anywhere in there?"
In the background I hear, "A, B, C, D, E, F, SLASH!"

Helping another student do a subtraction problem: "You didn't regroup at all. All these problems will be wrong if you don't regroup."
"Is regrouping supposed to be important?"
"Um, yes."
"Then I'm not going to do well."

"I need to add that to my evil plan."
"Oh by all means."
Opens folder.  Has paper that says at the top, "EVIL PLAN"

"Is anything special going on at your house?"
"Oh, ok.  Nothing?"
"My mom is having a baby but other than that, nope."
"That's what I meant!!!"

The class is doing a word search.
"Ms. C., I think it's very mean that you hide the words from me."

"No one tells me anything!" Me to another teacher.
I hear my student say, "Welcome to my world!"